Monday, 8 October 2012

Control Your Most Valuable Asset.

It may sound irrational or funny. But what is the most important asset we have? Do we have any control over that asset at all? But I am running ahead of myself.

When we are born, we are given few things by God.  (nature, if you do not believe in  God) We get this beautiful body and we are born with a thinking intelligent mind. Every animal is born with a mind, whether you care to acknowledge or not. Only, in the case of human, the mind is able to think rationally and intelligently more than any other animal.

Question is can we differentiate between ourselves and our body and mind? I think I can explain it with an example. Think that this body is like a car. The mind is the driver/chauffeur and we are the passengers in this journey of life. You are thinking what non sense.

OK , lets do an experiment. Sit quietly somewhere, without TV or music or any other distraction. Keep a pen and paper handy. Close the eyes and let your mind wander around. Don’t consciously think of anything but watch if you can where your thoughts are going.  After a minute or so, which seems like infinity, open eyes and try to write down how many thoughts came in your mind in those 60 seconds. Where all your mind has been in those few seconds! I can guarantee you, you will be surprised. You did not ask the mind to go there or think that and yet it did. This is the 1st step to realize that we and our mind are separate.  It is like a monkey gone berserk. In other words, we have given the control of the car and our journey to a monkey.

If we can control this driver, train this driver, we can have better control of the journey of our life.

We can teach the mind to think positively, not to be jealous or bitter and above all, not to jump around. That is why folks used to meditate. They still do.

Everything we do in life starts as a thought. That is the most powerful thing that drives us. It’s the mind which creates the thoughts and therefore it is the most powerful element/ asset we are born with. Not money, not car not any other physical possession. If we can control our thought process, we can create happiness even in the most difficult situations. If we can control the mind, we can ignore pain. Believe me, it is possible.

It  is not my intention to convert you into a believer. All I want you to think that there are possibilities which we may not have thought about. That we do not know what powerful assets we have and we are richer than we think.

Just think about that.


  1. Hello BB,

    I'm a huge fan of your finance blog. I consider it one of the best 5 on the Internet.

    I just found this one and it's got off to a great start. I'm looking forward to reading this regularly too.


    1. Please do. This is not everyone's cup of tea. Those who have an open mind may find this blog interesting. I would be obliged if you can forward this blog link to someone interested.
      Thanks for your support. Really appreciate.

  2. Hi BB, I came across this blog through your financial blog. Between the 2 sites it can be synergistic (hate that word). Keep up the great work. I'll donate when I can.

    1. Thanks Paul.
      It is synergistic. if the mind is calm and composed, we will trade better.
      A better life leads to better all round results.
      Thanks for your help and support.