Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Create Success Out Of Failure- Part 2

In the last part we discussed three points. But success is not a power point presentation. Nor can there be exact bullet point steps for everyone to follow. There are no seven step programs which will miraculously turn everyone a successful person in life.

What is success? As with everything in life, the meaning of success is very personal to each one of us. While we tend of measure success by the amount of money we have or material possession we hold on to, it is not the correct yardstick to measure success. Many times financial success is result of dumb luck. Just ask Trump.

I think Success should be measured by how happy or peaceful we are. And each one of us will measure our own success in different ways.  Success should be measured by what all we have achieved in life other than making money. Money is important and without sufficient money we cannot survive. But it is not the sole purpose of existence. Do you have a loving spouse? If he or she loves you, you are successful in giving and getting love. Do you have well balanced kids who are respectful? Then you are successful. Have you given a helping hand to someone lately, have you made some one smile today? Yes? Then you are successful.
Success is not a milestone to be reached once in lifetime. Success is a measure of self achievement to be reached every day, every moment. And only we can say whether we are successful or not. Not the society.

Last time we read that acceptance of failure is a step towards being successful. The journey to success starts with giving up all negative emotions and is basically an internal makeover. Acceptance is a big part of that makeover. Some of the other things which come to my mind as important are:

·         Surround yourself with positive people and cut lose the losers. Losers are those who are always complaining about something or other and cannot stand to see others successful.

·         Work consciously on analysing yourself and making you a better person. Let go as much of negative emotions as you can. If you are a positive, vibrant person, you give out an aura which attracts others and propel you to success.

·         Do not fear failure and rejection. These are just part of learning and if you can remain positive through the failures and rejections, nothing will be able to stop your progress.

This one life of limited number of years needs to be made as pleasurable and enjoyable as possible. Only we can make is vibrant and then we are successful.


  1. Been thinking quite a bit along these lines recently. The balances of money/success and happiness/success and happiness/money and how that balance seems so difficult to achieve (for me). Calling it Kismet that you chose this point in time to start sharing wisdom. Thank you.

    1. Actually I am sharing my thoughts while I am taking the journey myself. I do not have much wisdom.

    2. Which is funny because I think the wisest thing you could say is I don't have much wisdom. We are carnal, our thoughts and feelings are just electrical synapses in our brains, but somewhere in the inner spirit is the inner core of love which is full of wisdom that can't really find expression in words. But your actions in putting this together and being a seeker, that is wisdom in action. BB, you are enriching lives just by being and I am honored to be your friend!!!Even though I still have to prove I am not a robot

    3. Thank you. You are making me blush!

  2. So this is what you do when you leave twitter!
    Great subject BB. In my work, I am engaged with people that have more money than they know what to do with, others that are deeply religious but have no faith, and still others that have very little of material goods or contentment. I wouldn't judge any of them as having or lacking success because they are probably right where they need to be. As for myself, when I can bring love to everyone I meet without preference, without knowing any more about them than the fact that God had purpose for them being here at this moment, then I can equate some sense of success with this moment's challenge, although I would be apprehensive to give myself much credit for it. When I strived and struggled, I failed; when I surrendered, then those things I sought appeared. I have had alot in my days and I have had little, and neither mattered.

    1. And think some more. Folks who declare to the world that they are religious have no idea what is religion. It is not believing one God or other. Most of the time they cling to ritual and believe that to be religion.
      True religion is to be found in each of us if we care to search for it.
      While we think that a rich person is always successful, does it mean that one who has less wealth, is less successful. I don't think so. It would be a very shallow life if we are to measure success and worth of another human being by what car s/he drives.
      I am happy and fortunate that I am connecting with so many good souls like yourself because I took this sabbatical and decided to write.