Need Vs. Want.

From the day we are born till we die, we are after something or other. We need more money, better car, bigger house, jazzy clothes. But do we really need everything that we think we need? Or we just want them. What is driving us every moment? Even when we get what we think we need, where the next want come from?
This blog will be my journey to find some answers to the questions that I have. 


  1. The Oct 2007 to March 2009 period put many things into perspective. The odd thing is, I was on the right side of the market, but I know many who were hurt in that period but have now recovered. Like they were in that period, from March 2009 to now I am back in the same place as Oct 2007. On top of that, while they lost jobs, now my business is doing the worst in has in the 24 years I've been in business. In the market I was caught up in the bear talk and took too long to reverse.

    I've never been one to live beyond my means and newer wanted any flashy materialistic things. I still use a 3-4 year old basic flip phone that does what a phone is designed to do, let me talk to someone. I'd be more happy wearing a beat up old pair of blue jeans that they latest designer pair of anything. Probably remnants of growing up on the wrong side of the track.

    Our forefathers lived in log cabins of maybe 100-300 square feet, why do I need a 2600 square foot house which is small buy recent standards.

    So, there is a bit about me, I think I really know a need from a want. The interesting thing is one of my kids learned that, and the other didn't.

  2. Learning is a process which is different for everyone.

  3. Enjoyed the introspective post, old_lefty.